Swede dreams - Watch out for 18-year old Alex Karlsson – he might be the new Swedish pop star to make it big in the US. Alex has already shaken hands with P Diddy and Kanye West, and works with the latter’s producer. Soon he’ll get his own TV-series on the US MTV.

“You get to follow me living the American dream and trying to get into the music business,” Alex says. Alex was born in Los Angeles to a Swedish father, and spent the summers there. At the moment he’s waiting to graduate from Sigtuna, after which the MTV deal awaits him. “It gives the outsider a view into the music industry,” he explains. “They will follow me, living with a couple of friends in a house in LA. Stuff happens on the way.”

The series title is “Going to LA”. But apart from that, it is all music for Alex. “Che Vicious ((Kanye West’s producer/colleague) has supported me and introduced me to a whole bunch of cool people. I was in Paris with him a month ago, and shook hands with both P Diddy and Kanye West. It’s crazy.” Alex is currently working hard on songs. “He has an extreme talent for writing songs,” says Che Vicious. “He has that spark, and that is rare.”
Che Vicious about Alex Karlsson and a few samples of Alex's music: Alex Karlsson´s EPK
Alex Karlsson - I Don't Wanna Change