Perez Hilton charmed by Loreen
Loreen, winner of the Swedish Melodifestivalen, and up to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest in May in Baku, Azerbaijan, is not only a favorite in Europe, but in the U.S., too. American blogger and TV personality Perez Hilton has taken a liking to Loreen, writing that: “The Swedish pop star Loreen’s song is without doubt euphoric”, a bit of a pun since the name of Loreen’s song is “Euphoria”. “The Swedes do pop so very well, they are masters in the genre,” Hilton continues. “The title of the song is hard to live up to, but it really is euphoric.” Hilton also liked another competitor in Melodifestivalen, Ulrik Munther, writing: “What a talented kid. I’ve been a fan of his for some time now!” Let’s hope the rest of Europe likes Loreen just as much as Perez Hilton when she takes the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Baku in May.

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