Noomi Rapace, the Swedish star of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is afraid. Afraid to be recognized. Well, looks like she’d better get used to it. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie “Prometheus” will premiere this upcoming Friday in Sweden, and a week later in the US, and Noomi plays the main character Elizabeth Shaw, which has led to a heavy launch of the Swedish actress in the U.S..

Last weekend she was the cover girl of New York Times Magazine, and in the interview for the same magazine she talks about her fear of being noticed.
“What I fear is that the audience will go see the movie and won’t be able to forget that it is me, that fame will stand in the way for my acting,” she says. Noomi also reveals that she wasn’t particularly attracted to Hollywood following her role as Lisbeth Salander.
“I told Shelley Browning (her U.S. manager) when we met that I wasn’t interested in going to Hollywood. It’s not me. I want to make real movies. But she (Browning) asked which people I’d like to work with and then she said ‘These people actually live in Los Angeles.’” One of the persons Noomi mentioned she would like to work with was Ridley Scott. And he had seen “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” on TV four times and was smitten by Noomi. “Who is that girl?” he asked.
Now he knows. As do the rest of us.

Watch the official trailer here: Prometheus - Official Trailer

And a link to the New York Times Magazine article on Rapace: Noomi Rapace Arrives in Hollywood, by Way of Outer Space