The beautiful rooftop at Hotel Americano in Chelsea was the site for the music of multi-talented soul musician Magnus Tingsek on June 3, in collaboration with the traveling Nordic Music Festival, Music Doc.

With Magnus Tingsek's first U.S tour coming up this fall, he feels ready to embrace the land of opportunity.
“I know that many people here in U.S like my music. Tonight, people came up to me afterward, hugged me and said what I was doing was fantastic. So, apparently I have something here—the challenge is just how to reach them. I have been doing what I love (making music) since I was 13, now I am 33. I won't stop; neither would I compromise in that matter that my music wouldn’t be honest to me.”
Indeed, Tingsek is famous for "doing his own thing" without too much thought for commercial pressures. So, together with Music Doc and the Consulate General of Sweden, this night also included a screening of the documentary "Tingsek—Something to Live For," by Patrik Karlson. In the movie, Tingsek talks about the choices and sacrifices he made to be the uncompromising artist he is in a world where many musicians seek fame through musical reality shows on television.
Music Doc is presenting two nights with innovative Swedish music and indie film. The next and last night is Wednesday, June 6: Rooftop Screening, Show & Tell and DJ Set,
Includes a session featuring four special guests who will present and talk about their favorite Youtube clips.
Jamel Shabazz – legendary New York street photographer
Malin Fezehai – photographer and filmmaker of Swedish and Eritrean descent living and working in New York
Marguerite Seger – Swedish photographer, based in New York, known for her poetic documentary aesthetics
Ruben Sznajderman – Swedish filmmaker in New York, member of the collective Eros Video

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Text & Photo: Hanna Aqvilin