July 2
Robert Broberg, the Swedish singer, composer and artist, was born in Råsunda on July 2 in 1940. He is mostly known under the name Robban Broberg. When Broberg studied at Konstfack in 1957, he claimed he had a skiffle group (which in reality he did not) and later he was invited to play with his skiffle group at the dance restaurant Lorry in Sundbyberg. Then he quickly collected friends and they started repeating. Later on he started writing his own songs, though his passion and talent for words were there to begin with. This talent has led to many humorous lyrics. Broberg established himself through the popular television show “Hylands hörna” and worked at Gröna Lund in 1965, where he became popular with the song “Koftan” (the Cardigan). A string of pearls followed—some funny, others burlesque and still others romantic: “Det som göms i snö,” “Jag måste hejda mig” and the ever popular “Båtlåt," which is about two boats falling in love. Broberg has also done several entertainment shows for Swedish television, among them “Tjejer,” directed by Lasse Hallström. “The Pling & Plong Show” was a children’s program he did, where he was dressed as a robot. In the 1970s he left Sweden and lived for a number of years in New York. He was the 1989 recipient of Povel Ramel’s Karamellodikt Award.

July 10
Swedish-speaking Finn Mark Levengood was born on July 10 in 1964 in North Carolina. A renowned journalist, writer and talk-show host, Levengood is the registered partner of comedian and writer Jonas Gardell, with whom he has two children, a boy who is Gardell’s biological child, and a girl who is Levengood’s child. Levengood grew up in Helsinki, but has been active in Sweden since the 1980s. He was educated at Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theater) in Stockholm, and was a television host for a number of years. From 1995 to 1999 he was the assistant program director at SVT (Swedish Television) and was host for the shows “Mark och hans vänner” (1992) and “Ah! sa Mark!” (1994). In April of 2008, he was elected Ambassador for UNICEF. He has been a host for the popular radio program “Sommar” five times.


July 16
The new leader of the Centerpartiet (the Center Party), Annie Lööf was born on July 16 in 1983, in Värnamo. She was elected leader on September 23, 2011, and serves as Minister for Enterprise and Regional Affairs since September 29, 2011. She has been a member of the Swedish Parliament since 2006, representing her home constituency. Lööf was born and raised in Maramö outside Värnamo. She still lives in Värnamo. During her last year at Finnvedens Secondary School in Värnamo, where she studied social sciences, she developed an interest in politics, and at the end of 2001, she joined the Center Party. During the 2002 election, she was employed as an election-agent for the Centre Party Youth in Jönköping County and was the same year awarded the Dag Hammarskjöld Award for her commitment to international environmental issues and peace. After the election, she enrolled to study law at Lund University and graduated in August 2011 with a law degree. On July 30, 2011 Lööf married Carl-Johan Carlsson.

July 23
Swedish singer Titiyo (full name Titiyo Yambalu Felicia Jah) was born in Stockholm on July 23 in 1967. She is a pop and soul singer. Titiyo discovered her singing abilities when invited by her older sister Neneh Cherry to sing with her at a studio in London. She fronted her own band in 1987 and played the Stockholm circuit, and signed with a local label, Telegram, in 1989. She also sang background vocals for a range of Swedish artists, including Army of Lovers and Jakob Hellman. In 1989, Titiyo released her self-titled debut album, which topped at number 3 in Sweden; it was released in the United States on Arista, and became one of the contributions to a Swedish R & B wave in the U.S. that lasted throughout the '90s. The single "My Body Says Yes" was a hit in North America, and "Talking to the Man in the Moon" reached number 6 on the Swedish charts; the subsequent single, "After the Rain," reached number 13. Titiyo released her fifth album, “Hidden,” on the Swedish independent label Sheriff late in 2008. Titiyo's daughter Femi was born in 1992. Femi's father is music producer Magnus Frykberg.