Six months have passed since you first arrived in New York, how does it feel?
It feels extremely good. I love the city, the pulse and all the people. There's so much variation here; all the neighborhoods are unique and you can find something for everybody.

What can you tell us about your traineeship?
No days are the same. At each event we get the opportunity to work with different companies, and we'll visit their office to get insight into their organization. My job requires that you keep track of several things at once, and to coordinate so everything goes according to plan. It's nice to see that people appreciate our events and our guest can create new contacts and relationships. I have met so many interesting people so far, and more to come.

Why did they pick you, among hundreds of candidates?
I had the right profile and personality for this job. You need to have a lot of engagement and high ambitions. I have worked with just these types of events before, while I did my studies at Uppsala University, as well as when I worked at an event-sponsorship agency for two years. Additionally, I have been living abroad a lot and I am really fascinated by different cultures. I have always loved the States, which I emphasized in my application.

What is the best advice you ever received?
"You only regret the things you never did"—I have used that quote many times. For instance, you never regret that you went on that trip, but you would regret that you stayed home in bed all day.

Who inspires you?
Powerful women who have succeeded in business careers. I get motivated by people in my surrounding success—those who have a driving force that pushes to take action and pursue goals.

What advice would you give a first-time visitor of New York City?
Look around you, explore and collect experiences. Go out on your own and discover the city. Dare to speak to people and be independent.

It's Saturday night, what do you do?
I gather my new friends, go to a bar in the Meatpacking District—perhaps Standard Hotel for dinner and a pre drink. If it's good weather we will sit on the rooftop. Later on, we will stroll down to the East Village, do some bar hopping, and finish off at someone's roof with guitar song.

Who plays you in the movie of your life?
An adventurous, happy and forward person. A mix of Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Emma Stone.

Where are you in 10 years?
At that time, I will be happily married, live in a white house in Connecticut and have an idyllic summer house in Sweden. I will work as a brand manager or marketing manager at a well-known international company, and bounce back and forth between the U.S. and Sweden.

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