Common sense in Swedish is usually referred to as “bondförnuft”, loosely translated as “farmer’s reason”. And when it comes to time management, we can learn a thing or two from farmers, no other professional category of people is as time efficient as farmers. He or she manages to do almost everything they had in mind for the day. That’s according to a global study from the career network LinkedIn. met with a Swedish farmer to get some tips on how to deal with time.
Mats Olsson grows everything from sugar beets, wheat, corn, and rapeseed and in addition also manages Lönnslätts Bärs, a strawberry plantation south of Malmö. Olsson says:

“Farmers like me aren’t easily disturbed when working. Apart from the weather we have no external forces disturbing our planning. Once you’re out in your tractor things just move. If you have no interruptions it’s easier to get things done.”
He describes that there’s a short period of time in spring when you have to plant the seeds, and that’s when everything must be done.


“During that period it’s all about one thing: being out in the fields. Everything else has to wait.” Olsson recommends taking a look at what you’ve done. “When a field has been sowed, I can say: ‘now I’ve done this field’. The feeling that you’re done with something concrete gives a sense of satisfaction. When I’m doing administrative work, I have to strain myself in order to see any progress. The piles keep growing all the time.”