Prince Carl Philip hit in the head
Prince Carl Philip was hit in the head by an unknown person outside a nightclub in Cannes last Saturday. The attack took place as the prince visited the nightclub with friends. The Swedish Royal Court doesn’t want to give out any details, but confirms the attack and says the prince is fine.

“He was attacked but not harmed,” says Bertil Ternert, Director of the Information and Press Department at the Royal Court. Daily Aftonbladet reports that the unknown person took hold of the prince’s neck and hit him with a fist at the back of his head. According to the newspaper, the prince’s girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist was present and tried to stop the fight. The court will not say whether the incident was reported to police or not.


“It’s a difficult situation as it was unprovoked and the person is unknown, that’s all we can say for now,” adds Ternert. While the Swedish king has personal guards, since he is the head of state, other royals only receive guards when deemed necessary. “We estimate what kind of threat there is and what the consequences would be if these threats would be carried out, when we make our decisions,” says Sirpa Franzén, Press Officer at SÄPO (Säkerhetspolisen, literally "the Security Police"). SÄPO doesn’t want to comment whether Carl Philip had any form of security during the night in question. “We rarely talk publicly about a current threat assessment,” she says. “This is out of concern for the person in question and to be able to protect that person in the best way.”