Noomi Rapace is leaving Sweden. The Swedish actress is moving to London, where she’ll have her base.

“It’s best this way,” the star says to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang. Thus Rapace becomes the latest Swedish star to leave her native country. “I’ll work in London and the US, and then it’s easier to be based here.” Rapace has earlier described her life as that of “a traveling gypsy”, and that she no longer has a place to call home, oftentimes commuting between Stockholm and London. Noomi and her ex-husband Ola Rapace have a son together, Lev.

However, Rapace will be back in Stockholm this fall, shooting the film “Knockout”, which is based on the singer Anita Lindblom and the boxer Bosse Högberg’s stormy life. “I’m happy about it, but it will be terribly difficult to play the lush 1960’s diva,” she says. Lindblom herself isn’t too happy about this project: “First of all she (Rapace) doesn’t look at all like me. She is small. I have boobs, and she doesn’t,” Lindblom said in a radio interview. But back to Rapace, who says she now has got a taste of paparazzi. “I’ve got to experience the phenomenon, and I feel that I have to protect my son and my friends. I must think about how I conduct myself. But I will not become a scared person who doesn’t live life,” she says. The other day, Rapace won the Norwegian film prize Amanda for Best actress in the film “Babycall”.