Swedish actress Lena Endre is making her Hollywood debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film “The Master”. “She is an amazing actress,” says Paul Thomas Anderson (who directed both “Magnolia” and “There Will Be Blood”). “The Master” is a film inspired by the father of Scientology, Ron L Hubbard. “I happened to be in New York last year, and I then did a screen test for the part,” says Endre. “As soon as I got home, I was informed that I got it.” It is a small part Endre has, as the Norwegian Mrs. Solstad. Anderson knew she’d been a Bergman actress, and had seen her in the Swedish Millenium films. He shot “The Master” in San Francisco.

“The biggest difference in making movies in American and Sweden, is that in the US there’s money with which you can buy time,” explains Endre. “You don’t have to stress, you can keep going and going until it’s finished. And then of course you also get your own trailer, ha ha.” She continues to say that she was impressed by the professionalism in the US. “I sent my measurements here, and when I arrived a closet full of 1940’s pieces were waiting for me, perfectly.”

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