With music and flags flying in the breeze, music and folk dancing on several stages and an abundance of Scandinavian treats, Scandinavian Day was celebrated at the Vasa Park in South Elgin, Ill.
The 33rd Scandinavian Day combined all the elements of a perfect late summer festival for the many Scandinavians and Scandinavian-Americans who gathered for the day. Food is an important part of our traditions and throughout the day a variety of specialties was enjoyed by all—from meatball and fried herring dinners to Swedish pancakes, Danish aebleskiver or Norwegian waffles. One of the pleasures of Scandinavian Day is shopping for crafts, Swedish gifts and groceries, and close to 40 vendors made sure every interest was met. All the attendees and the warm feeling of belonging is really what sets this Scandinavian celebration apart from many other similar events. Hats off to the festival committee, park organizers and every volunteer for making it possible!