Best dressed Swede 2012
Makes you wonder, there are so many well dressed Swedes, don't you think? But one has been selected and he's lately become a household name in Sweden.

Here he is: director and actor Felix Herngren, the best dressed man in Sweden 2012, according to the magazine Café. “He has a simple but great everyday style,” says Expressen’s fashion editor Emma Danielsson. “It’s not a style that sticks out all that much, but it is a style that many Swedish men can identify with. He’s relaxed yet well-dressed and chooses clothes with a good cut.” Herngren himself says that his style icons are well-dressed men like Tom Ford, who is always in basics but with a perfect fit. "But I also like totally crazy guys who can combine a skirt and a raincoat.” And the jury’s motivation? “Felix Herngren isn’t only Sweden’s funniest man, he’s the most stylish one, too. Herngren wears expensive designer jackets as well as classical British hunting outfits.