Ulf Nilson will be visiting Nordic Lodge #708 in Atlanta in November.
Nilson is one of Sweden’s most well-known journalists. He often offers a new perspective, and has a lot of stories and opinions about what’s happening in the world.
For many years you may have read Nilson's column here in Nordstjernan. He has been employed by the Swedish paper Expressen for almost 50 years and was its foreign correspondent for several of them, including 16 in the United States. He is an author of many books and still a columnist for Expressen.
Now you have the opportunity to meet and listen to him at the Nordic Lodge meeting at St. Luke Lutheran Church, 3264 Northside Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30327, on Sunday, November 18 at 6 p.m.
For more information, contact Carolyn Bagheri at bagheri@mindspring.com or (770.972.4846.
Contributed by Göran Rygert

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