Where Swedes want to work. What companies do most Swedes dream of working for? Well, number one on that list is Google, followed closely by H&M. “The explanation for that is that these two companies have their employees in focus,” says Daniel Wägert at Universum, a global leader in employer branding. Over 8 500 Swedes with a college- or university degree and with 1-8 years of work experience, took part in the poll. Continues Wägert: “We see new companies high up on the list, companies like Google and Spotify, because from the start these companies had a different view of their employees than what’s traditional.”

Google, for instance, has a 20% rule, which means that the employed may spend 20% on whatever he or she is interested in, which Wägert believes is why they are popular choices. They are also good at spreading the word on how great a working place they are. What marks a good place to work is that it’s innovative, challenging, and motivating, according to the ones polled.


“There must be an element of security, and there must be clear goals. We also see a tendency for people to want to work from home, and from other places besides the office.” Big banks are falling down on the list, most probably because of a lot of bad publicity.

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