Who is Chris O'Neill?
Princess Madeleine is engaged (again – the first time was to Jonas Bergström in 2009, an engagement she later broke following rumors that he had cheated on her). Her new fiancé’s name is Chris O’Neill. Link to the announcement and further link to the video released on Oct. 25 with the happy couple: Princess Madeleine has become engaged to her American boyfriend Chris O’Neill.)
Though it doesn’t seem like Mr. O’Neill will get a prince title, he has led a prince’s life. The 38-year old drives a Porsche, went to boarding school in Switzerland and his mother, Eva Maria O’Neill (originally from Austria) dated Prince Charles of England. Chris O’Neill and Madeleine live in an apartment in New York’s Midtown East area, with an estimated rent of $6,000 (SEK 40,000) a month. He has worked as a financial adviser for many years, with companies like NM Rothchild & Sons and Steinberg Asset management. A multi-millionaire who has for long lived a jetsetter’s life, O’Neill has invested in a host of companies, among them the popular restaurant The Darby. O’Neill was born in London, and several of his half-sisters live in England, the older sister Tatiana shares a beautiful 18th century mansion with her husband Henry D’Abo and their three children. Another one of his sisters also married into nobility; her husband is the Austrian count Ernst Abensperg und Traun. O’Neill’s father was a successful American businessman, Paul O’Neill, and he passed away in 2004. O'Neill is head of research at Noster Capital, a London and New York based hedge fund, while Madeleine goes to work at World Childhood Foundation’s office, near the UN-building. The two are reported to have met through millionaire Jamie Dingman, a mutual friend. Chris O’Neill previously dated underwear model Maryam Abdullina from Uzbekistan.