Swedish support in presidential campaign
A number of Swedish companies and some individuals have been putting money into the American presidential campaigns. Chairwoman of Kinnevik, Cristina Stenbeck, and her sister Sophie, have donated SEK 600,000 ($89,629) to the Obama campaign. Obama also gets almost SEK 7,000 ($1,045) from Ikea.
Some companies, like Ikea, choose one candidate, but it is just as common for the Swedish companies to donate to both sides. It is illegal for foreign companies and private persons to donate money to candidates and parties in the U.S., so in order to donate legally, the companies create so-called PACs (political action committees) through their U.S. offices. Money is put into a PAC and moved into the American election movement. The Swedish tobacco giant Swedish Match has donated over SEK 600,000 (89,475), mostly to Republican Mitch McConnell from Kentucky who has strong ties to the tobacco industry. Astra Zeneca PLC donates SEK 14,867,400 ($2,217,122) to Obama, Skanska USA Building donates SEK 317,600 ($47,362) to the same, while Securitas AB donates SEK 173,600 SEK ($25,888) to Mitt Romney as does Transatlantic Lines (with SEK 92,990 or $13,868), as well as AB Volvo (SEK 23,800 - $3,549), ABB Group (SEK 22,100 - $3,295), AB Electrolux (SEK 6,800 - $1,014) and Autoliv (SEK 1,700 - $253). Swedish private persons also donate—television personality Filip Hammar donates $500 to Obama, as does star chef Marcus Samuelsson, while actor Joel Kinnaman gives $5,000.