Swedish top politicians' grades
What Swedish minister had the best grades in school? The answer might surprise you. ..or, not! Those in the political elite aren't necessarily the best students, according to the paper Lärarnas Tidning (the Teachers’ Paper). 49 of Sweden’s most influential politicians now have their final grades revealed. “What it shows is that Swedish politicians, seen from an international perspective, have very poor grades,” says Jenny Madestam, political scientist to the paper. There’s a trend in the final grades of the ministers though; they are generally more skilled in the arts and social studies than they are in science, and math. The way of grading has changed since the ministers left school, but it used to be a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the highest grade. The highest grade point average thus is 5. What Swedish politician graduated from “gymnasiet” (senior high school) with the highest grades? Hint, it’s a woman, she has red hair and she graduated with the top grade “5” in all subjects.