She didn't win, you probably know that already but is well worth keeping the hat off for.. She was not part of the five finalists, who came from Australia, Brazil, the Phillipines, Venezuela and USA and new Miss Universe 2012 became Olivia Culpo from USA.

54 kilos (or 119 lbs) is not skinny enough if you want to become the next Miss Universe, according to experts. But Miss Sweden Hanni Beronius, who has already lost 20 kilos (or 44 lbs) refuses to go on a diet.


“Good Lord, I get so sad at this skinny frenzy, I almost want to throw up,” the 22-year old beauty from Göteborg says. “I see no problem in having my body as an ideal, I mean not everyone should have a body like mine, but it is healthy,” she added.
Now that the competition is about to take place, many experts – including her former trainer, who's allegedly called her fat in public - are asking the 174 centimeter (5’7 feet) tall Beronius to lose yet a few pounds. She refuses.

“It’s from people like these that sick ideals come and I refuse to support them, even if it should cost me a final place in Miss Universe! To be a beauty queen ought to be about being a role model, and that’s what I signed up for, not to become some anorectic mannequin,” Beronius writes in her blog: Tjock kan du vara själv!

Hats off to her for that comment!

More images of the Swedish contestant at Miss Universe - Hanni Beronius