Jonas Gardell – "Årets homo"
Few royals have openly supported homosexuals, but on February 4 Crown Princess Victoria did and was greeted by enthusiastic cheers. At the QX Gay gala in Stockholm, Victoria gave author Jonas Gardell (1963-) the award for “Årets homo” (Gay of the Year).

In a short and well-delivered speech, the Crown Princess’ message was clear: “We will dry each others’ tears with open heart,” she said. Jonas Gardell has received lots of praise and attention lately as his book “Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar” (Never dry tears without wearing gloves) became a popular and much talked about TV-series.


“We are honoring a person tonight, a person who has distinguished himself,” said the Crown Princess who wore a long, black gown and lime-colored jewelry. “It is a true joy for me to be here tonight. To know your power, your happiness, and your community. It is also a true joy for me to soon give out the award for Årets homo. Few have touched us and made us feel as touched as you. Your message is clear: Straighten your back. Reach out your hand. We will dry each other’s tears. We will dry each other’s tears with open hearts and naked hands. The award for this year’s Årets homo goes to author, playwright and source of inspiration Jonas Gardell.”

TV-host Pekka Heino tweeted: “After a thousand years of silence from the royal house in matters of HBT (Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transsexual) and she was glowing. The gay gala made history!!!” Heino was one of many who celebrated the Crown Princess outspokenness. That the Crown Princess was going to participate at all was a secret until the last moment, and her participation touched the most hardcore of republicans: “OMG! Victoria is handing out the award at the gay gala. I might become a monarchist,” someone tweeted.
Victoria’s presence at the gay gala was front page news all over Sweden, and on top of the royal court’s own Facebook page as well. QX is the largest LGBT-media publisher in Scandinavia, and they also arrange the yearly GayGala-award, broadcast on national television, and works with sponsorship for Stockholm Pride Festival.