The Swedish-born Brooklyn-based artist Anders Knutsson showed some of his recent works at the exciting Affordable Art Fair in New York City. Knutsson, who originally comes from Malmö, has focused on painting trees for the past years, and revealed a wonderful new acrylic painting of a bristlecone pine, the oldest living tree in the world.
“At about 4,800 years, these bristlecone pines are the oldest trees in the world,” Anders explained. “They grow very high up in the White Mountain range, north of Death Valley, just below the tree line, and reach their age because of the cold temperatures.”
Gallery D3 in Brooklyn represents Knutsson, and in the booth were also new works by two other Swedes, Madeleine Hatz, also a Brooklynite, and Pontus Carle, who lives in Berlin.
The Affordable Art Fair is the perfect place for new and established collectors to discover and buy art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, and much more) from distinguished galleries, all reasonably priced. This year’s fair bustled with excitement, and was chock full of visitors.