Congrats to Malik Bendjelloul whose film "Searching for Sugarman" (Review: Swedish Cinderella story Oscar nominated) won the Oscars for Best Documentary.
Both Paul Ottosson and Per Hallberg won for sound editing of "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Skyfall" respectively - Congrats to both Swedes who received an Oscar each - a tie between two movies has to be a first in Oscar history, or is it?

Another Swedish winner at this year's Oscar was Swedish clothing giant H&M. Actress Helen Hunt wore a navy-blue gown by the Swedish company. When asked by Ryan Seacrest on 'E' about her choice she said "[it was] ..the most beautiful dress I tried on and they [H&M] also partner with Global Green."

That 'Skyfall,' (Per Hallberg) 'Zero Dark Thirty' (Paul Ottosson) share Sound Editing Award is a Rare Tie but not the first in Oscar history. It's happened five times before; the last time in 1968, when Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand shared the best actress award

Both winners for best sound editing have two OScars from before - Per Hallberg for Best Sound Effects Editing for "Braveheart," 1995 and then "The Bourne Ultimatum" in 2007. Paul Ottosson won two Osacrs in 2010 - Back to back Academy Awards for Paul Ottosson recently covered at the 2012 Eliason Award

A bit of a disappointment that Danish "A Royal Affair" which starred Dane Mads Mikkelsen and Swedish Alicia Wikander Sweden's latest Hollywood export did not win the Best Foreign Language FIlm category (which also contained Norwegian produced "Kon-Tiki" with Gustav Skarsgård playing Swedish Bengt Danielsson on the expedition alongside a Norwegian cast).
Wikander has recently also been praised for her role as Kitty in Anna Karenina alongside Keira Knightley, Jude Law and a cast that also includes the younger brother of Gustav and [True Blood's] Alexander Skarsgård, Swede Bill Skarsgård in a small role.

Oscar may be one of Sweden's most popular boys' names (it is) but of course Sweden has nothing to do with the award. It is actually unclear why the statuette and the Awards, officially the Academy Award of Merit, were given the name Oscar. Bette Davis claimed she named it after her first husband, others have voiced it may be a reference to the British playwright Oscar Wilde. ..the most popular story is that Academy librarian - and later executive director - Margaret Herrick (1902-1976) believed it looked a lot like her Uncle Oscar. After she made that observation, the Academy staff began calling the award 'Oscar.' The nickname wasn't used officially until 1939.