How rich are the royal 'children'?
Though no longer children per se, they are the children of the current King and Queen of Sweden. How much money do they have? According to Dagens Industri close to 15 million SEK (a little over $2 million). After a few dismal years, the value of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine’s joint equity portfolio has increased. The market value increased with 4% to 14.6 million SEK ($2 million), according to a report by Dagens Industri. Their portfolio is being managed by the company Gluonen AB, which ended the year for the royals with a plus of 471,000 SEK ($70,000) for 2012. But according to financial statements, the royal “children” did not use the profit. Instead the money was reinvested. Dagens Industri also reports that, much like earlier years, there were changes made in the portfolio. Securities held for 5.9 million SEK ($878,000) were purchased last year, and the sales ended on 7.6 million SEK ($1.1 million).