What is it going to be like, one wonders, Chris O’Neill’s new life as the husband of a Swedish princess? As of now, he and Madeleine (along with the Swedish King and Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel) have arrived at Solliden on Öland, where the Swedish royals spend a big part of their summers.
“Chris O’Neill will be representing the royal house at certain events in the future,” says Bertil Ternert, Director of the Information and Press Department at the Royal Court. Both the Swedish King and Queen as well as the Crown Princess couple will have Öland as their base this summer, and a lot of planning will take place in regards to what role Chris O’Neill will play in the future. During the coming weeks, he will meet a string of key people within the court and he will also receive an official program, according to sources to daily Expressen. His official debut will take place on Sunday, when Chris O’Neill for the first time will participate in Victoriadagen (the Victoria Day on July 14, Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday) on Öland, an event that’s broadcast live on Swedish TV. “Of course it makes us proud that this will be the first (Chris’ first official debut) after the wedding. It shows just how much Princess Madeleine and the rest of the family value this event,” says Kay Wiestål, who is responsible for Victoriadagen.
Ternert confirms that O’Neill now will be channeled into the royal activities: “We will come back in August to tell more about what is up for fall. Right now we’re looking over a number of things that will happen in Princess Madeleine’s official program.” Ternert continues to explain that there will be opportunities in the future when Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill together will represent the royal house. Meanwhile Dagens Industri, the financial newspaper, reveals that Chris O’Neill has left his job as analyst director at the hedge fund company Noster Capital. Instead he will focus on his own business, and on the side also work for the Swedish royal house. “Exactly how much we will know further into the future,” says Ternert.