What interested the Swedes most during 2013? According to the search engine Google, it was pop artists, brownie recipes, and female bloggers. The most searched for people during the year had one thing in common: They were all women and at home in the blogging world.

Topping the list was blogger Blondinbella (whom Nordstjernan wrote about here: http://www.nordstjernan.com/news/sweden/1018/), followed by blogger Kissie (more here: http://nordstjernan.com/news/sweden/2437/), and model/singer/author Magdalena Graaf.

The American search giant can also detect regional trends among the data, and based on a timeline it is clear that the most popular searches are intimately connected with what’s popular on TV and big news. The most googled recipe is ”kladdkaka”, or brownie, and most of us have probably at some point forgotten just how much sugar is needed in the brownie batter. Recipes and people, what about the most searched ”thing”? Well, the most popular searches were Facebook, Aftonbladet, Youtube, Google, Blocket (the Swedish version of Craigslist), Hotmail, Expressen, Eniro, Hitta.se and Swedbank.