Procrastinators .. you are not alone!
A fifth of the Swedish population postpones things they need to do. This is especially common among students, with half of all Swedish students procrastinating. Why is it that? Reasons range from fear of failing to having had others structure and organize things for them in the past.

Peter Eklöf is a social worker at Mälardalen University and he has run into the problem several times: "I try to always work with problems that have to do with avoidance, what we do and don’t do that leads to stress. People handle stress in different ways, and avoidance is one,” he says. At Mälardalen University, it is believed that students are especially vulnerable because they write exams and collect credits — there are more demands on them, and this is something not everyone can handle. Eklöf thinks many students would rather do something that’s faster to execute and finish (such as the laundry) than something that takes time (such as study for an exam). However, procrastination is obviously a problem for the rest of the Swedes as well.