On June 10, members and friends of SACC New York gathered in Brooklyn for a tour of the famous brewery. On site was Orrefors, which generously treated all guests with a beer glass. Steve Hindy shared stories from his amazing career. From coming back to New York after several years as a war correspondent in the Middle East and starting his own brewery with his friend and neighbor, to running one of the most successful breweries in the U.S., starting up Carnegie Brewery in Stockholm.
Why is Brooklyn Brewery so popular in Sweden? "I have no idea. The beer drinkers discover and owns our brand. They believe in the beer."
Became harassed by the mob, but after Hindy told them his story .."they invited me and my wife to their Christmas Party."
Eric Ottaway, General Manager of Brooklyn Brewery showed the audience around the brewery. A microbrewer in constant change, constantly developing new flavors. "We are growing and need to be more creative than ever."