Sweden’s first female archbishop, Antje Jackelén, was received with cheers and standing ovations during her morning inauguration service in Uppsala Cathedral on June 15.
Sweden’s king and queen were present as was Crown Princess Victoria and leader of the Social Democrats Stefan Löfven. Jackelén entered the cathedral at 11 a.m and proceeded up the center aisle. Before she could be received as Archbishop of the Swedish Church, she promised to do her mission in a way that will honor God, to be steadfast in the faith of the Church, to defend and proclaim that same faith, to protect the Church, and live in such a way that she becomes a witness of God’s love and the secret of reconciliation. It wasn’t until after these promises that Jackelén received the outer signs of her exaltation — the cross and pastoral staff of the archbishop.
“God is not a mathematical problem, nor a sudoku that becomes uninteresting as soon as it has been solved. The more we ask for God, the more fascinating it becomes. God is always more and greater than our images of God,” said Jackelén.