King Carl Gustaf, on his way to the airport during the morning rush on Wednesday, Sept. 17, was in a car accident.

The SUV that the King and his entourage were in was hit by a car that suddenly turned left in front of them, not far from Drottningholm Palace.

“These things happen,” said the King, who wasn’t hurt in the crash. The impact was strong enough to trigger the airbags and both cars sustained extensive body damage, but no one was hurt. It is not yet known whether any offense is suspected in connection with the accident.

Police arrived shortly after 8.45 a.m. Eyewitnesses had seen huge clouds of smoke, and the accident caused traffic congestion, but the King’s schedule was only briefly interrupted before he got on with his day. He got the airport another way, and shortly after 10 a.m. the King landed in Skellefteå to spend the day as planned at the opening of a new dairy. He assured reporters that he was fine: "I feel good as always."