Åsa Romson is resigning. The Swedish Minister of the Environment will step down after May 15. Romson, 44, is a member of the Green Party in Swedish parliament since 2010 and Minister for the Environment and Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden since 2014.
Her decision was announced after the nomination committee made it clear she wouldn’t be re-elected as spokesperson for the Green Party. She didn't explain on what grounds the election committee gave this assessment, but she revealed the party no longer has confidence in her.
While Romson has been criticized for recent interviews and speeches over current events crises, there is confidence in the proposed leadership of Gustav Fridolin, who continues as spokesperson and Isabella Lövin, who will replace Romson. Both are described as politicians who can "formulate understandable green policies."
Romson becomes the second minister to resign from the government in a short amount of time. Fellow Green party member Mehmed Kaplan, Minister of Housing, resigned earlier this spring after alleged contacts with extremist organizations.