Daniel Tumba and Tiffany Snowden wedding at Benvenuto, Boynton Beach, Fla. On May 24
It was a week of torrential rain in the southernmost U.S. state but after a week of close to 20 inches of rain and thunder and lightning the storm passed and the sun came out, just in time for the long expected and well orchestrated wedding of the youngest of four Tumba sons.
Daniel—the youngest son of legendary hockey player turned golf promotor Sven Tumba and Mona Tumba—was accompanied for the event by friends, his uncle Christopher, and his two visiting brothers from Sweden Johan and Stefan.
It was a festive time for new and old friends to meet, in a surrounding which could hardly have been better picked; the Benvenuto Restaurant is booked years in advance for occasions such as this and was decorated to fit the son of a champ. Tumba friends from Täby, Michael och Annie Gapinski flew in from Stockholm, as did Mona Tumba’s brother Mikael Nessim and family, and Roy Modeland, who accompanied Marianne Sample, from Los Angeles.
The Swedish American photographer, Kerstin Alm from LA attended, as did honorary Swedish consul couple of Atlanta Jan and Marga Meijer, the consul general in Florida, Pelle Lööf with wife Åsa Lena, president of SWEA International, who reside next door in Hillsboro Beach along with Gunila Faber, long time friend of Mona Tumba, from Jupiter, Fla.
Tiffany's designer gown, a Platinum Collection by Priscilla of Boston was put to the test as the newly weds performed a moon dance after the initial first dance.

Tiffany Snowden & Daniel Tumba
Parents: Debbie and David Snowden, Mona & Sven Tumba
Bridesmaids: Catherine Siemon (sister-in-law), Brittany Bicknell (cousin), Raquel Bicknell (cousin), Kaitlin Bicknell (cousin), Allison Berthold (friend).
Groomsmen: Stefan Tumba (best-man), Sean Snowden (brother-in-law), Johan Tumba, Christopher Tumba (nephew), Matti Klintberg (friend)
Flowergirls: Wilma Klintberg, Brylee Cole
Ringbearers: Max Klintberg, Hunter Cole


Tiffany Profession: Nurse Anesthetist
Daniel Profession: Wealth Advisor with JPMorgan

Photography: Kerstin Alm