Swedish Art and Cocktails in Miami Beach
Anna Benson and Anna Lundell are exhibiting together at Mondrian Hotel, Miami Beach on Feb. 18

The two-woman show is organized together with “Bright Pink,” a non-profit organization providing education and support to young women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. “A percentage of all our art sales will go directly to 'Bright Pink,'” says Anna Lundell. Anna Benson and Anna Lundell have, one way or another, both been affected by breast cancer, and that made “Bright Pink” a natural choice of a non-profit organization to support.
Anna Lundell, a nature and travel photographer is presenting her first series of large wall art photographs from around the world called “My windows of the world.” Swedish artist, journalist and author, Anna Benson—no, not that Anna Benson!—is the former world class athlete turned journalist, author and artist who will show her recent paintings at the Mondrian.
It is the Swedish duo’s goal to make this a fabulous evening filled with art, cocktails, music and great people. They would like to “attract a sophisticated crowd with appreciation for the arts and raise funds and awareness for a very important cause.”

Where: MONDRIAN HOTEL, Miami Beach
When: Saturday Feb. 18, 6 - 9 PM.
RSVP TO RSVP Benson/Lundell Show by Feb. 16! (Clicking the link will open your email program)
Dress Code: Cocktail

For more info on the artists: Anna Benson’s blog, Anna Lundell Photography