Princess Madeleine visits Texas
Former President George W Bush and his wife Laura received a royal visit, as Princess Madeleine visited their home state of Texas. The Princess visited a number of different organizations, which work in various ways for children's rights in Dallas and Austin. The visit was likely part of her full-time duties at the World Childhood Foundation.

One of the organizations visited by the Princess was Women's Initiative, which was founded by Laura Bush. Women's Initiative is an organization that works for the rights of women and children by giving them access to education and healthcare. Other organizations visited by the Princess included Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and Promise House.
Some of the organizations visited:,


Many Swedes were earlier in the year upset over Princess Madeleine no longer working for the royal court. The reactions prompted Bertil Ternert, Press Secretary at the Royal Swedish Court, to comment on Swedish television how the Princess's stay in New York is financed. Private fortune pays for Madeleine