The meeting on September 23 was not like any other. The Vodka Akademi, hosted by Kristin Young from United Distributors in Atlanta, tried to educate us in the art of distinguishing different kinds of Absolut Vodka. Not as easy as it sounds, considering Absolut now provides about 15 flavors of vodka. The most recent is Cheerykran, and the next is due out in January.
Well, everything went smoothly—nobody was found under the table and there were no complaints of headache.
The program of the evening also included the reveal of the prize winners of the second annual Schnapps Song Contest. This is quite a unique event—to my knowledge there is nothing similar in this country. (Please send a note to Nordstjernan if I am wrong!)
We started this tradition last year with only four entries. First prize was a bottle of Absolut and the honor of being first. Second prize was another bottle of Absolut.
This year we received no less than 17 entries. The two judges, professor Jay Lutz and myself, had a hard time selecting the four winners of Absolut Vodka and one Linie Aquavit.
First prize went to Anita Menegay for her clever and modern snapsvisa:

Melody: "Auld Land Syne"
In this new modern world of ours
there are a lot of apps.
But none of them can take the place
of a good old fashioned schnapps.

It turned out the person who got second place was the same person—Anita Menegay wrote this longer song, but to a rhythmic and inspiring melody:

Melody: "Papa Loves Mambo"
Papa loves Vodka,
papa loves Vodka.
Mama loves Vodka,
mama loves Vodka.
Look at’em sniffing it,
look at’em sipping it,
look at’em swilling it, yes!

Papa loves Vodka,
tra la la la la.
Mama loves Vodka,
tra la la la la.
Look at’em stay with it,
look at’em play with it,
look at’em sway with it yes! Olé!

He drinks up, she falls down.
He weaves left, she crawls right.
Papa’s looking for Mama,
but Mama’s nowhere in sight!

Papa loves Vodka ….

When selecting the winners, the judges had no idea who the authors were; the names were hidden in sealed envelopes. So when the name of the third prize winner was taken out of that sealed envelope it came as a surprise to the jury that my wife Jan was the winner. This is her song:

Melody: "Frère Jacques"
Get your glasses, get the vodka,
fill them high
to the sky.
Put a little booze in, put a little spice in.
Drink it fast.
Make it last.
(Can be sung in a round, until dizzy!)

I hope next year we will be able to announce the 3rd Annual Schnapps Song Contest. Sharpen your pencils and bring out that schnapps song talent in you!

Göran Rygert

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