For the fourth consecutive year, Nordic Lodge No. 708 in Atlanta has carried through its Swedish style schnapps song contest — in English. Open for everyone in the United States and Canada, the winners were announced at a lodge meeting in Atlanta on September 29.
Before the announcement, meeting attendees were full of expectation (well, at least the two who had provided contest entries were) while they had to wait a while. First came a presentation and tasting of a Swedish vodka — another tradition started a few years ago. The Savannah Distributors had donated several bottles of Svedka Vodka for tasting and for the winners. They also gave everyone a pair of Svedka Vodka sunglasses.

The tasting was appreciated. Even the two schnapps song authors seemed to cool off, if only temporarily. At last it was time for juror Jay Lutz to reveal the names of the contest winners.
First prize, a check in the amount of $30.00 went to a member of Golden Valley Lodge No. 616, Ruth E. Wilkening of Northridge, CA.
Her winning song was “Cheers To All,” to the melody of "Goodnight Irene."
Cheers to all our friends today,
drink up,
drink up
drink up.
No work today, make hay ’n play,
drink schnapps the livelong day!

The winner of the second prize, a bottle of Svedka Vodka, was Jan Rygert,
Nordic Lodge’s secretary. Her song was “Slurp Your Snaps!” The melody is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
Drink, sip, slurp your snaps
carefully in your mouth.
Enjoy the spice
and all that’s nice,
as it’s going south!

Anita Menegay (winner of the contest in 2012) earned an honorable mention for her “I Had Me a Drink,” to the melody of "Grandfather’s Clock."
I had me a drink
and it made me think
that I wanted another or two.
It was gone in a blink
‘fore I really could think.
Now I’m thirsting for more than a few.

All three songs were sung at least twice. No one stumbled on the words, maybe thanks to the vodka! And finally it was time for food. The vodka showed to be a great aperitif. The loaded hors d'oeuvre smorgasbord was practically cleared out in no time.

Göran Rygert