South Florida had the pleasure of experiencing Magnus Mårtensson, aka Maestro Mårtensson, on November 15. Mårtensson, who reminded us that his initials, MM, are the same as Marilyn Monroe’s, also proved he could sing “Happy Birthday to you Mr. President” pretty well. Both blonde and talented.…
Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, Mårtensson became interested in music at an early age, starting with the flute, then piano, violin and a few other instruments. Early on he knew he wanted to become a concert pianist, but his teacher told him that was impossible. He was just a clown, a joker! Mårtensson did not want to listen to his teacher and continued practicing, until one day he realized: They both were right! He had become a comedian-concert pianist.
He was educated at Malmö Musikhögskola, then the Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio. He is a conductor, composer, pianist, violinist, author, recording artist and comedian. Maestro Mårtensson has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, at the United Nations, Carolines on Broadway and around the world.
On the evening at the Scandinavian Center in Davie, Florida, Maestro Mårtensson reminded me right away of a young Victor Borge. His routine is a little klutzy and somewhat foolish and absent minded, and the music is brilliant, the humor wickedly funny. His comedy routine included Vivaldi’s "Four Seasons" on the piano and violin simultaneously, and “A backward poem” in which he played the piano with his back facing the keyboard.
Certainly a big thank you is also due to the sponsor who made this possible, Irene Schyberger. Thank you!
If you get the chance, go and see Maestro Mårtensson live.

By Filippa Leijonhufvud-Reading