I just returned from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I attended a Sunday service at the Scandinavian Center. Then I had the privilege to meet the recently installed Pastor Louise Linder at the great event, the annual Pea Soup and Pancake Dinner in the her lovely home, which the Swedish church leases. I attended the same event last year with priests Olof and Marie Olsson. There were about 50 guests at the Ärtsoppa and Pannkakstårta. The home is in a gated community and has a swimming pool and outdoor patio beside the water. Pastor Louise greeted us at the entrance and beside the pool, pausing for grace before we had our pea soup — we all sang a hearty “Alleluia.” Several members helped prepare the delicious meal and it was a delightful evening with a happy group.

By Lorraine Colson Bloomquist Vasa member and Board member of Rhode Island Swedish Heritage Association

For more info on the Swedish Church in Florida, see www.svenskakyrkan.se/florida