by Chipp Reid

IFK Norrköping cemented its return to the Allsvenskan with a 2-1 win over Ängelholms FF on Oct. 16 in Ängelholm.
Peking got a pair of late goals to claim the victory, its 17th this season in the Superettan against eight losses. Norrköping also has four draws.
The 12-time Swedish champions roared through the second tied of Swedish football, although it has yet to shake off a determined challenge for the top spot in the Superettan from Syrianska. The darlings of Sweden’s sizeable Iraqi community, Syrianska trails Norrköping by just two points with one match left to play. No matter what, however, the Oct. 16 victory assured Norrköping would return to the Allsvenskan for the first time since 2008.
“It’s wonderful,” said Norrköping trainer Göran Bergort. ”We have some time to enjoy this before we return for our final match. We still have one more goal to play for, and that’s to win our league.”
Norrköping faces Sundsvall at home on Oct. 23 on the final day of the Superettan season.
Sundsvall, with 50 points, sits in the playoff spot for the Allsvenskan. The top two teams in the Superettan advance to the top flight, while the bottom two Allsvenskan sides drop down a level. The third-place Superettan side – this year Sundsvall – faces the Allsvenskan side that finishes third-from-last for the right to play in the top flight.
Peking has 55 points. Syrianska is second with 53. Syrianska finishes its season on the road against last-place Vasby United.
Meanwhile, both Västerås and Vasalund are celebrating their return to the Superettan. Both teams played in Division 1 North this season, with Vasalund sealing its place in the second flight with a win over Västerås Oct. 17.