Swede Jörgen Brink winner of Vasaloppet
Jörgen Brink from Delsbo racing for Hudiksvalls IF won Vasaloppet 2012 - this was his third year in a row of winning. He set a course record in winning the 56-mile Vasaloppet cross-country ski marathon Sunday at 3 hours, 38.41 minutes. Coming in second was Swede Daniel Tynell, and on third place came Stanislav Rezac of the Czech Republic.

Vibeke Skofterud from Norway won the women's race in 3:42.32, ahead of Laila Kveli of Norway and Seraina Boner of Switzerland. And what about Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge? Well, she was in 393rd place after covering the first 47 kilometers (29.2 miles) of the traditional Swedish cross-country marathon in three hours and 49.42 minutes. Pippa and her brother James participated in the Vasaloppet race alongside 14,212 other skiers to raise money for the children's charity Magic Breakfast. Her final time was 7.13.36, her brother James's 6.47.27. Also participating Danish Crown Prince Fredrik finished at 6.36.32.

The competition is one of the world's oldest cross-country races and is based on Gustav Vasa's attempt to gather peasants for a revolt against occupying Danes in 1522. Vasa fled after failing to gain support, but the Mora locals changed their minds and sent their best skiers to bring him back. It stretches from the village of Sälen near the Norwegian border to the central town of Mora.

Vasaloppet 2012, men:
1 Brink, Jörgen (SWE) 03.38.41
2 Tynell, Daniel (SWE) 03.38.41
3 Rezac, Stanislav (CZE) 03.38.41
4 Rickardsson, Daniel (SWE) 03.38.41
5 Kjölstad, Johan (NOR) 03.38.43
6 Johnsson, Jimmie (SWE) 03.38.43
7 Aukland, Anders (NOR) 03.38.44
8 Laugaland, Audun (NOR) 03.38.44
9 Ahrlin, Jerry (SWE) 03.38.46
10 Aukland, Jörgen (NOR) 03.38.55

Vasaloppet 2012, women:
1 Skofterud, Vibeke (NOR) 04.08.24
2 Kveli, Laila (NOR) 04.11.31
3 Boner, Seraina (SUI) 04.14.27
4 Hansson, Jenny (SWE) 04.18.16
5 Nyström, Susanne (SWE) 04.19.48
6 Svendsen, Sara (NOR) 04.23.01
7 Mannima, Tatjana (EST) 04.25.21
8 Löfström, Annika (SWE) 04.25.57
9 Steinsland, Solveig (NOR) 04.26.00
10 Guin, Mari Riseth (NOR) 04.30.32

For more info, see Vasaloppet The Swedish 56-mile race was recently suggested as new National Day buy a Swedish journalist Vasaloppet, a better national holiday?