“And who is in second place?” the Queen asks one of her attendants with whom she is watching the race.
“Ah Your Majesty, there is no second."
That four-word phrase is still, ever since 1851 and the first race, the essence of America’s Cup.

There can be only one ...

... winner of the America's Cup!

The first winning boat was called America and the trophy was donated to New York Yacht Club. They stated it was to be a “perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations”. In 161 years only four different nations have won and it’s, without a doubt, the most difficult trophy to win. In the beginning it was a chance for nations to prove who had the best sailors. Today it’s also about showing who has the greatest minds, technology, entrepreneurial skills, designers, and management. All in all, you can say the winner of the Cup has what it takes to shape the world.


Since the beginning of the competition some of the world’s most famous and influential people have been a part of the cup. President John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, Harold Vanderbilt, founder of CNN Ted Turner and founder of Oracle Larry Ellison are just a few names to be mentioned. America’s Cup brings together huge names from various branches all over the world, which makes it an extraordinary meeting point.

The 34th edition of the America’s Cup is already running and the defender is the American boat Oracle Team USA, represented by the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco. This means that the great final will be taking place in the city by the bay. The impact this event will have for San Francisco is enormous! 8000 jobs and a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars for the city!

The Swedish Challenger
The great excitement for Swedes is that the Challenger of Record is the Swedish boat Artemis Racing! The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/ Silicon Valley has entered a partnership with Artemis Racing as official supplier to the team. Artemis Racing and the Chamber will work on a regional and a national level to increase exposure of the team and cooperate in the search for commercial partners and suppliers.

Artemis Racing, founded by Torbjörn Törnqvist, represents the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS), which is one of the world’s oldest yacht clubs situated outside of Stockholm. Torbjörn Törnqvist is the Chairman of Artemis Racing , supported by CEO Paul Cayard (USA) and Skipper Terry Hutchinson (USA) A team with a cumulative experience of 135 America’s Cups, 38 Round the World races and 21 Olympic games has been gathered for the 34th edition.
Artemis Racing consists of sailors, management and designers plus technical and shore team for a total of over 100 professionals from 19 different nationalities who are motivated, passionate and dedicated to the Swedish team.

Artemis Racing is currently building an AC72, a 72 footcatamaran with a wing sail which is 40 meters high. Picture 30 mini coopers stacked together or three and a half tennis courts over the bay and there you have it! Leading edge technique and design is demanded to make this catamaran a reality. The principal designer behind this incredible work is Artemis Racing’s Juan Kuoyoumidjian whose designs have won two Volvo Ocean races. The construction of the hulls, that began in January 2012 on the island Orust, Sweden is under great secrecy. It will be launched this summer in Europe and training will begin here in San Francisco this fall.

The 34th edition of the America’s Cup is already in the spotlight. You might wonder what makes this edition special and why it’s an adventure to follow Artemis Racing on their quest for the trophy.
New edition means new boat, new technique, new design and new innovation. This edition of the Cup requires sailors to be athletes due to the extreme nature of the competition. Even helmets are compulsary! It extremely intense work to achieve the goal winning the Cup, and show the world which nation is the best.
Artemis Racing has some incredible strengths worth to remember during the competitions. Beginning with the founder Torbjörn Törnqvist, CEO Paul Cayard, an experienced skipper who provides a great vision and endless sailing knowledge. Read more about Paul: 'Skipper Paul Cayard needs you aboard for the long haul!' The management plans in advance and let no detail go missing and they are determined to win.
This is why every edition of the America’s Cup is unique and special and also why Artemis Racing is the team you want to stand behind in the competition.

For the Swedish community in the U.S this is a wonderful time for us to unite and give our support to Artemis Racing. There is no feeling like Swedes coming together cheering and feeling proud over our small but oh, so successful nation!

By Emma Lööf Björnram

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When asking which position Artemis Racing sees itself in the America’s Cup the answer is very determined: “Well, there is no second so…"