Yes, Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik will participate in the Swedish Vasa Race this year also. “He’s a great skier,” says Vasaloppet’s managing director Anders Selling to daily Expressen. The prince will arrive in Mora with a group of Danish skiers, as well as security personnel. Last year, he clocked in at 6.36, which is supposedly well done. “He’s very well trained,” Selling continues.

Rumor also has it that Swedish Prince Carl Philip will participate in the race, if so he might be a member in one of the teams competing in the relay races on Friday. Director of Information and Press at the Royal Swedish Court, Bertil Ternert, does not want to comment on the rumor. There are often royals participating in the Vasa race, last year both Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Carl Philip did so, as well as Pippa and James Middleton, siblings of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.


The classic Vasaloppet with around 15,800 skiers takes place on Sunday, March 3. At that time close to 50,000 skiers have already participated in a week-long Vasaloppet week, with two so-called Öppet Spår (Open Trail) races, races for the young, for ladies only and Friday's, March 1, relay race.

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