Barclay: Artemis, 'the Underdog'
Stephen Barclay, CEO, America's Cup Event Authority, published an inspiring article about Artemis Racing on the official America’s Cup website. I think you should read it. You’ll find it and photos at
Barclay: The underdog

Sweden’s team has made a remarkable comeback against staggering odds, yet their spirit remains indomitable. Their boat and team with royal Swedish colors are flying on the bay. Because their second longboat, Big Blue, is dramatically changed from their previous one, which crashed, they are driving a totally new machine. Other teams have 70-90 days practice and racing; they have 3 days with their new boat on the water.


However, while they are cautious as they exercise the boat and familiarize the crew with it, the whole team is thoroughly excited to be back on the water. On their very first day they were aloft foiling in a 15kts breeze.
After rigorous and extensive testing in their shed, exceeding any expected strains while racing, the team is now feeling out the boat and racecourse. Daily they’ve been studying their competitors, working out in their gym, analyzing and adjusting their strategies. They will join the challengers at the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals on August 6.
Good luck to Artemis. It’s good to see the Swedish colors gliding on and above the bay.

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Ted Olsson
San Francisco