The Sochi Games are at an end. With fifteen medals the Swedish team has done well. It was particularly gratifying to watch the Tre Kronor men's hockey team show such good sportsmanship today. No rough moments on the ice and all of the Swedish players worked hard until the bitter end.

Silver for Charlotte Kalla in Ladies' 15k biathlon on Feb. 8, another silver for Marcus Hellner in men's 30k skiathlon on Feb. 9 (Two olympic medals for Sweden after first weekend's games). The men's sprint on Tuesday, Feb. 11 gave Sweden two medals as Teodor Peterson finished second followed by teammate Emil Jönsson. Another silver for Charlotte Kalla in the 10k on Feb. 13, silver and bronze for Johan Olsson and Daniel Richardsson in Feb. 14's 15k. Then, feb. 15, GOLD for the ladies' relay team and Feb. 16 GOLD for the men's relay team - Lars Nelson, Johan Olsson, Daniel Richardson and Marcus Hellner led the race from start to finish and completed the course in one hour 28 minutes 42 seconds..


Summary of Sweden's medals and medal hopefuls:

Race times are local Sochi time – EST + 9 hours / PST + 12 hours. Scroll down for future events

Saturdayday, Feb. 08
2 x 7.5km Skiathlon: Charlotte Kalla - SILVER
Sunday, Feb. 09
2 x 15km Skiathlon:Marcus Hellner - SILVER
Monday, Feb. 10
04 p.m. Biathlon pursuit. Björn Ferry took a gold medal in Vancouver 2010 but had trouble this year, ending 30th after team members Fredrik Lindström (13) and Tobias Arwidson (28)
Tuesday, Feb. 11
01 p.m. Cross country skiing, men’s and ladies’ sprint. Among the men Emil Jönsson, Teodor Peterson, Marcus Hellner among the ladies Ida Ingemarsdotter, Stina Nilsson and Hanna Eriksson all have a chance for a medal. Men's Sprint: Teodor Peterson - SILVER; Emil Jönsson - BRONZE.
Thursday, Feb. 13
10 a.m. Slopestyle, Henrik Harlaut
11 a.m. Cross country skiing, 10k classic. Charlotte Kalla - SILVER
03 p.m. Men’s biathlon 20k. Another chance for Ferry, Lindström or Arwidson.
Friday, Feb. 14
11 a.m. Cross country 15 k classic. Johan Olsson, Hellner or Richardsson could do well here. Johan Olsson - SILVER; Daniel Richardsson - BRONZE.
Saturday, Feb. 15
08 a.m Ladies’ Super G. Kajsa Kling is debuting at the Olympics and could very well surprise.
11 a.m. Cross country, ladies’ relay 4 x 5k. Norway may be favorites here but the Swedish ladies could put up a fight. GOLD FOR SWEDEN.
Sunday, Feb. 16
11 a.m. Cross country, men’s relay 4 x 10k/ Sweden is holding gold from Vancouver and, this year ... another GOLD FOR SWEDEN!
4 p.m. Men’s biathlon mass start. A final individual medal chance for Sweden’s men’s team.
Monday, Feb. 17
1.30 p.m. and 6 p.m. Ladies’ Tre Kronor. Sweden’s ladies’ hockey team were not able to repeat the play they showed against the Finns, lost against USA today (bittersweet..) 1-6. USA will meet Canada in a fight about the gold and Sweden meets Switzerland in a fight about the bronze.
Tuesday, Feb. 18
08 a.m. and 11.25 a.m. Ladies’ Giant Slaom. Both Jessica Lindell-Vikarby and Maria Pietilä Holmner could bring home a gold medal from this event. First run is 8 a.m.
Wednesday, Feb 19
08 a.m. and 11.25 a.m. Men’s Giant Slalom. Sweden’s Mats Olsson has done really well in the qualifiers… who knows what he can do?
09 a.m. Men's hockey quarterfinals. Tre Kronor beat Slovenia 5-0, ready for Friday's semis.
11 a.m. Ladies’ curling semifinals. Sweden’s Team Sigfridsson should definitely be here and quite possibly put up a fight about the gold medal. They did, the ladies are ready for the fight about the gold with Canada after today's win over Switzerland. More on Sweden's curling teams: Sweden set for curling gold
12.45 a.m. Cross country Men’s/Ladies’ team sprint. Both teams have a good chance for a medal. BRONZE for both Swedish teams!
04 p.m. Men’s curling semifinals. Sweden’s Team Edin should definitely make it here. They did, but after being the strongest team of all during the qualifiers, lost 5-6 against England, plays China about the bronze on Friday,
Thursday, Feb. 20
09.30 a.m. Ladies’ curling – competition about the bronze medal.
10.30 a.m. Men’s Skicross. Viktor Öhling Norberg won last year’s pre-games. Will he repeat a victory today?
02.30 p.m. Ladies’ curling finals. The Swedish ladies will be competing with Canada about the gold. Sweden lost 6-3 in the final, won SILVER
Friday, Feb. 21
09.30 a.m. Men’s curling – Sweden won 6-4 over China, BRONZE.
12 p.m. Ladies skicross finals. Sweden’s Anna Holmlund could do really well. AND, she did, Anna Holmlund won BRONZE in skicross.
01 p.m. and 06 p.m. Men’s hockey semifinals. After Wednesday's win over Slovenia, Sweden’s Tre Kronor are part of the games on this day. More on Tre Kronor: Tre Kronor will look to King Henke to lead... and, prior to the quartefinals Tre Kronor must improve ahead of quarterfinals Sweden won over Finland today, 2-1, and will play Canada on Sunday, Feb 23 for the gold (Canada beat USA 1-0 also today).
01.45 p.m. and 05.15 p.m. Ladies’ slalom. Frida Hansdotter won the pre-games but Maria Pietilä-Holmner is also in shape for a medal.
Saturday, Feb. 22
10.30 a.m. Ladies’ cross country freestyle, mass start. Another chance for a Charlotte Kalla medal no doubt.
01.45 p.m. and 05.20 p.m. Men’s slalom. Both Mattias Hargin and André Myhrer have looked good this year but Myhrer’s injuries could well stop his chances.
03.30 Men’s biathlon relay 4 x 7.5k. The Swedish team seems well positioned for a medal after fourth man Arwidsson’s qualified start in the early individual races.
04 p.m. Men’s hockey, fight about the bronze (knowing now that Sweden’s team Tre Kronor plays Sunday’s fight about the gold medal instead!)
Sunday, Feb. 23
08 a.m. Men’s cross country mass start 50k freestyle. Richardsson, Hellner, possibly Johan Olsson could all do well here.
01 p.m. Men’s hockey finals. Sweden's Tre Kronor is offering our ideal Olympic finale with a match about - and hopefully the - gold! Sweden takes SILVER after a loss 0-3 against Canada.

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