Tragedy marred the opening day of the 90th Allsvenskan as fan violence in Helsingborg left one person dead prior to the kick off the Helsingborg match against DJurgården Sunday afternoon at Olimpia Stadium.
According to police, a fight between Djurgården and Helsingborg fans outside of the stadium began as people began lining up to enter the stadium. A 43-year-old Djurgården fan attempted to enter the standing-room area of the stadium when someone hit him. Emergency responders found the man laying on the ground unconscious below the stairs leading to the terrace area. It was unclear if the man fell there after his attack.
Police spokeswoman Eva-Gun Westford said paramedics gave the man CPR at the stadium and transported him to a nearby hospital. Doctors pronounced the man dead at the hospital. Police did not release the victim’s name, pending notification of his family. Westford said the man was from Stockholm.
Police said the man died of blunt force trauma, saying someone hit the man in the head with an object.

Westford said the atmosphere at the stadium prior to the match was “spiteful” and said police were on hand to prevent violence. “There were many people there so there are surely witnesses,” Westford said. “We are now calling for witnesses to come forward so we can find out what happened.”
As of Sunday evening, police had no suspects and had made no arrests.
Westford said there were clashes between the two sets of supporters the night before the match. Five fans were brought to hospital after a fight broke out in a Helsingborg pub. Police arrested three fans and took another 33 into temporary custody.


The news cast a pall over both clubs.
“The entire Djurgården family is in shock and totally stunned by this event,” said Gunnar Gidefeldt, Communications Manager at Djurgården football. “We can only send our thoughts to this person's family.”
“It is a black day. It is extremely tragic for this man’s family, for football and for the whole community,” added Jesper Jansson, Sports Director at Helsingborg.
The match began as scheduled at 3 p.m. local time but did not last long. The animosity outside the stadium continued inside as Djurgården fans chanted, “Murderers! Murderers!” while pointing at Helsingborg fans. Halfway into the match with the score tied 1-1, Djurgården fans wearing balaclavas stormed the pitch, halting the game.
The referees abandoned the match.