You know the hassle of having to prepare dinner for your family when you get home from work. You are tired and hungry, they are tired and hungry, and you want something fast yet tasty and hopefully nutritious as well. Oftentimes, the stress and time it takes to plan, buy and cook dinner gets the better of us and we settle for some take-out instead.
Stellibell has come to the rescue. Based on the Swedish Matkassen, a popular concept that was last year’s Christmas gift of the year, Stellibell is a company that develops and produces recipes and food packages delivered to your door. No longer do you have to use precious time running up and down grocery store aisles looking for inspiration and products.
“We want to give families back the old tradition of sitting down and having dinner together,” says Madlene Olander, CEO at Stellibell. “Families here have for so long relied on pre-packaged meals, pizza and other take-outs, that they’ve forgotten how to feed themselves healthy. There’s a lack of knowledge and information. We want to slowly teach them how and what to eat, portion controls and nutritional values. We also give tips on how to extend meals, on how to get children to eat new foods, and how to exercise.”

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Stellibell works on a subscription basis. You can choose either a 3-day or a 5-day plan. The 3-Day Plan costs $139 and the 5-Day Plan $169. Each delivery feeds about four people, or two adults and three children. Depending on portion selection, your family may be able to stretch leftovers into next day’s lunch. If you’re single, you can freeze the food for yourself, or, as Oleander says, you can also share the subscription with your single friends.
“Buy a bottle of wine and get together on Sundays and divide the dishes for the week,” she says.
Each dish takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. Members get an email with recipes and tips on Fridays, and the food is delivered on Sundays.
So what kind of food can you expect? Looking at the sample menu on Stellibell’s website we see dishes like garlic shrimp with cherry tomatoes, salmon and couscous, and pork tenderloin with goat cheese. If you have any food allergies, though, know that at the moment Stellibell does not have a menu tailored to specific allergies.
Choosing Stellibell also means you actually help create a greener environment as well. Says Olander:
“We’re a green company, we work as much as we can to save the planet from unnecessary car pollution. Our recipes and products are developed with careful consideration on how they might impact our environment. We’re constantly managing our carbon footprint and exploring new ways to make the Stellibell apple green. And 75 percent of the goods are organic.”
For more information on Stellibell and to check out if they deliver to your area: Stellibell