The most beautiful villa in Sweden can be found in Ludvika and is a so-called “bergsmanshus” from 1897 next to Snöån (the Snow River). It was the paper “Vi i Villa” that proclaimed the photo competition “Sweden’s most beautiful villa 2012”.
Among 600 contributions, Ulla and Bertil Köhler’s house in Ludvika was chosen. The Köhlers moved in there 30 years ago, a dream come true they say. The house itself has had a somewhat motley history; it has gone from being a summer residence for young English ladies and a place where you could learn bookkeeping, to being the home of a mink farmer. But people have, through the years, kept the villa up in the most reverent of ways. Köhlers said they have never had to think twice about renovating or rebuilding: Everything was intact; tiled stoves, over 20 mirrored doors, and original ornamentation. All it needs: constant maintenance and care. They are happily living in Sweden’s most beautiful villa.

Ludvika is in the southern part of Dalarna, the province where, further north, recently the Vasalopps Week was held. The city is in a traditional mining district, which is also the origin of the term "bergsmanshus". A "bergsman" (literally mountain man) was a land owning farmer with the Crown's appointment to also mine on his property. They became wealthier than the average farmer, not to mention farm hands, and therefore built larger homes. Ipso facto, Mountain Men's Houses.


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