H&M receives praise for using the “normal-sized” model Jennie Runk. The American Runk, who is thought to have a “normal human body”, is size 12. "Our aim is not to convey a certain message or show an ideal," H&M spokeswoman Jennifer Ward tells qz.com "but to find a model who can illustrate this collection in an inspiring and clear way." Ad Week's David Griner was quick to state, "It would be nice if we didn't live in a world where this is considered news, but for better or worse, it is.." while Yahoo Shine even asks "Is this the end of the skinny girl?"

Be that as it may, it is hard to make everyone happy all of the time for sure... The good news comes on the heels of some trouble H&M has been getting from social media, as their spring collection doesn’t feature anything larger than size 40-42 (12-14 US size). Hundreds of women have shared the open letter that Linda Hörnfeldt wrote to H&M on her blog, after not having found clothes in sizes that fit her.


“I have long been aware that many of your collections have only been available up to size 44 (U.S. 16), which I sometimes can fit into, at least tops. But that you choose to lower the range for bigger women and cut us down even more from your clientele is something that is very provoking to me,” Linda writes.

It should be noted that few regular retailers hold larger sizes than 16 in stock.