More than three hours a week—that’s how much the average Swede spends on social networking, especially Facebook; and the number of Swedish Twitter users has doubled, according to new statistics from Stiftelsen för internetinfrastrukturs (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation).
The Swedes and Internet 2013 report shows that younger Swedes spend more time surfing the net: 12-15 year olds spend over an hour a day more on social networks than do older people (ages 56-85).

Facebook is, according to this study, the most visited social network, with 66% of Internet users over 12 years old visiting it. Today 17% of Swedes say they use Twitter ”sometimes,” which is 50% more than in 2011. Young people are most active on Twitter: 15% in the 12-25 age group visit Twitter daily, but daily visits among those 45 years of age or older are rare. As with many other social networks, there are more people who visit and read what others write, than who themselves write.
"On Twitter and Instagram, the activity increases the younger a person is. In general more women than men are active on Instagram, while the difference is less on Facebook and Twitter,” says Pamela Davidsson, head of statistics and facts at Stiftelsen för internetinfrastrukturs. For Instagram, a photo sharing service, the number of users are in general greater among girls, according to statistics. 39% of young girls (ages 12-15) are daily users, compared to 18% among boys. In the study, it is also found that even though the use of Instagram is dominated by the young, it is spreading to the older ages as well.


In the U.S. according to Nielsen's annual Social Media report 388 minutes — or 6-1/2 hours — per person and month (if every person in the U.S. used social media) was used for a variety of social media sites. All together, that's 230,060 years we spent staring into the glaring screen of our computers.