A new survey done by Demoskop on behalf of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, shows that every four Stockholmer would rather live in New York City. However, Maria Rankka, CEO at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, doesn’t view this as negative for the city of Stockholm per se.

”New York is somehow the city of all cities. And the reason that New York is so attractive is that so very many people live there, and so close to each other also. That’s a development we want to see in Stockholm as well. Stockholm too is on its way to becoming a really big city,” Rankka says. And if New York (which 25% of the folks in Stockholm would like to call home) isn’t an option, then London is the next best bet (12%), followed by Stockholm (9%) on third spot, then Barcelona (4%), Paris (2%), San Francisco (2%), Rome (1%), and elsewhere (34%). ”(Third spot) is a flattering spot, but not all that surprising. Just ten years ago, Stockholm was viewed as a small city. It’s no longer like that. We’re playing in the big league now,” says Rankka.


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