The design for the 2015 Childhood ThankYou Award was created by the Stockholm and New York based designer and silversmith Efva Attling. Above are the renowned and multitalented Attling’s own photography of the process; from drawing board for the Childhood flower, to an intimate image of H.R.H. Queen Silvia of Sweden wearing a final version of the award on her recent visit to New York City.

Efva Attling’s thoughtful, sometimes provoking designs can be found at concept stores in Scandinavia, at the concept store on Little West 12th Street in Manhattan and at several retailers in the U.S. For more info, see Photographs: Efva Attling


The World Childhood Foundation USA held the 2015 ThankYou Gala Dinner on September 24 at the Plaza Hotel, New York. Photographs from the 2015 ThankYou gala