With an official length of 797.51 feet (243 meters) of rag rug, Hemtex has set a new Guinness World Record in the category, "world's longest rug."

Starting at Götgatan 72 on the island district of Stockholm called Södermalm or Söder, the carpet, which is 2.29 feet (70 centimeters) wide, has been in planning and construction for over two years. It is composed entirely of excess fabric from the Hemtex retail stores, which have recently undergone a face lift with new fabrics, thus providing the material for the record setting project.


Hemtex has 189 home textile outlet stores in Scandinavia and showed a group turnover last year of $169 million (SEK 1.23 billion), according to Eric Gumabon, CEO. Commenting on the world's best achievement, Gumabon quipped about Hemtex, "We hope that the sales figures do the same thing."

resource: www.hemtex.com